A delightful new line of greeting cards

Heritage Health Foundation, Inc., wanted to launch a line of greeting cards in order to provide financial support for its nonprofit 4 Kids Early Learning Network. (The families of many enrolled children have limited incomes.) They asked us to help create, name, and launch the new line.

The client has a strong visual sense and excellent photography skills, and enrolled children constantly create artwork – so the new “Kards4Kids” feature both art and photos in thank-you, birthday, note, and seasonal cards. The cards are delightful and beautiful – and, on the inside left, each carries a brief but informative message about the importance of quality early learning.

The tagline – ””Great Cards for a Great Cause” – ”lets buyers know these aren’t just any cards. Sold on the internet (www.kards4kids.org) and in selected retail stores, Kards4Kids is producing a steady revenue stream for an organization that does superb work.

Role: Consultants/planners/writers